Recycling Process

Matt UK Ltd, deconstruct the mattresses by hand, while this is laborious and can be time consuming task it produces a higher rate and quality of recyclable materials recovered, compared to alternative than shredding mattresses mechanically, or other types of un-proven machinery.

So far we have established than in some higher quality mattresses there are 17 different materials than can obtained from the recycling process, ranging from the obvious steel and cotton, which have established recycling route, through to horse and coconut hair which have no current market but can be used as a biomass application. (There are very few or/RDF Refuse derived fuels)

The Recycling Procedure

1. Mattress Arrives in various forms –  (weighed on and off counted – Ticket produced)

2. Visual inspection into Good, or poor quality material – Documentation checked and confirmed

3. Mattresses will be de-constructed to retrieve valuable commodities, such as PU Foams and Polyesters

4. The components are then baled and reprocessed into the material markets,

5. <7 % will be direct into RDF due to high contamination